Monday, August 13, 2012

Funny Bloke

 I don't watch a lot of TV but it seems it's always turned on.  My father enjoys watching so... But I have become interested lately in the Doc Martin series on PBS.  I've never seen the show till this year and what the Houston station is showing is apparently season 5. How did I miss this? At any rate, the title character, Doc martin is played by actor Martin Clunes.  The rather unfriendly doctor is not a dog lover at all on the show.  In fact, it seems he hates the creatures. So I was a bit shocked to learn what a dog lover the guy is in real life.
 He's even written a book.  Now I've got to start checking the bargain baskets on line and give it a read.

He's definitely playing against type.


Sam said...

We've tried to watch the show, but it never really caught our attention. Maybe it is time to try it again?


Tim said...

The show is really about life in a small Cornish village, the dog only has a 'bit' part, so don't expect Crufts!

Rick said...

I just bet that small Cornish village is a tourist trap.