Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pawm Springs Dog Park:Not For Seniors

The Pawm Springs Memorial Dog park here in Sugar land is not exactly senior dog friendly.  This is in reference to the pond/lake.  I don't know why it was designed to drop off at the edge like a swimming pool.  Perhaps this happened after erosion but I'm assuming the entire thing is concrete just like a pool.  Whatever the case, it makes arthritic dogs apprehensive about stepping in and a great deal of difficulty getting out.  Of course the young pups come running and jump but the older dogs not so much.

 You can see in this picture the amount of drop off and it varies around the pond.
Nevertheless, I'm sure Lucy and Sable prefer this as opposed to nothing.  They love the water.  Now if we could just get Joe to join in the fun.


Harper's Keeper said...

Very cool dog park. Harper would not go in the water for anything but it would be nice to have the option. Plus it is just nice to see the other dogs enjoying it

Alison said...

My neighbor's 10 year old Golden had the same problem the first time we checked out this dog park. We ended up having to help her out of the lake.

Such a shame too since swimming is so good for their joints. Maybe they would consider putting in a walk in entrance for senior dogs?