Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making Daybreak At The Dog Park

The little devils and I left home early to try and beat the heat at the dog park this week.
 Once there Lucy and Sable make a dash for the water and I quickly realize that early is not early enough to beat the heat.
 They are ready to play ball for a while at least.
 It didn't take them long to learn it felt better in the water.
 It heated up quick as soon as the sun was up.
 I try and draw Lucy and Sable away from the water to get dried off before we head home.
Lucy is so much like her master when it comes to being a spectator.


Tim said...

Lovely pictures Rick, those are 'happy' dogs!

Harper's Keeper said...

Terrific pics. Dawn is definitely the time to go. I am jealous you have water they can access like that. If we had that here maybe I'd have more luck teaching Harper to like the water. In the parks in Phx/Scottsdale most of the regulars even bring in their own drinking water.