Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Joe sits at my father's side while my dad eats. My dad says Joe didn't beg at his home. Apparently, Lucy and Sable's bad habits have rubbed off on him. I take full responsibility for those bad habits.


Sam said...

BOL - at least you know where he is when you are eating!


Howard in CT said...

Didn't take Joe very long to figure the M.O. in YOUR house. lol

My Yorkie will appear from the farthest corners of the house when he hears me opening the cereal box in the morning. And he will sit there in the kitchen until he gets his 3 Cheerios or 3 flakes of whatever. Okay, maybe I shake the box before I pour a bowful.

Thor and Jack said...

We got those bad habits too! We are the first at the dinner table!

Thor and Jack

DeepBlue said...

How can one possibly resist!!!

I just found your great blog and enjoying every posts. :)