Friday, July 15, 2011

Daddy Says It's Too Hot To Play Outside

But we hope you have a fun and playful weekend!


Ur-spo said...

we have to walk the dogs before sunrise and after sunset, or else she 'hops and dances ' from the heat of the pavement.

Howard in CT said...

Awww, poor baby.

You just GOTTA frame this one! White frame... with maybe a Sable-color mat? (sable as in your baby Sable, not beige)
Do it. This is too precious. And kudos to the photog for his vigilance - and timeliness - for the perfect shot.

Thor and Jack said...

Hi! That's a cute photo of Sable! Hope you have a great week, guys!
Try to stay cool!

Thor and Jack

Sam said...

It's nicer inside then outside right now!