Friday, July 22, 2011

Don't Sleep Your Weekend Away

We're one to talk. No one dislikes the heat more than my girls. Even at sunrise with the temperatures in the low 80's my girls would rather be inside. Sure they would enjoy an early morning swim but with my father's dog with us now it's tough taking all three to the park.
We hope you have a good weekend!


Sam said...

We've decided not to go out till October!


Curt Rogers said...

Come on, get up! Duncan has already been for a walk around the park, played with the bunnies and interrupted a little league practice! It's a big world and there's lots that needs doing!

Howard in CT said...

Just an idea, hope it doesn't sound mean....
do you HAVE to bring Joe along, EVery time?
Would your Dad understand if you say you can't manage 3 pooches at once, all the time...?
just thinking of your baby girls.

DeepBlue said...

My favorite hobby too, Lucy! Keep cool! ;)

Ur-spo said...

we have to walk our pooch very early and very late in the day to escape the heat and protect the paws.