Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Have I Rated My Dishwasher?

The Pros:she always starts up and she NEVER leaves food particles on the dishes.

The Cons:Leaves a slimy residue and as a result I have to wash them again in scalding hot water.


Rick said...

Bandit licks them clean too. I always joke, "so clean we could put them back in the cabinet."

Thor and Jack said...

Great work, Sable! :):)

Thor and Jack

Charlie said...

I'm sure Consumer Reports would rate her a "Best Buy"!

Sam said...

...but you never have to worry about leftover food clogging the sink!


Ruby's Mum said...

One of the things we're going to miss. Thanks so much for your kind words on Ruby's blog. I've enjoyed your comments over the years. I plan to keep up with Lucy and Sable.